Best Steel For Folding Knife

Best Steel For Folding Knife

There are many types of steel available, but which one is the best? The answer to that question depends on your personal preference and needs, and the type of use you intend to make your knife for. Whether you want to use your folding knife for cutting wood or a heavy duty kitchen knife, it’s important to choose the right steel.


S35VN is an advanced martensitic stainless steel made by Crucible. It has a higher HRC rating and is a moderately higher quality steel. If you’re looking for a knife that will stand up to tough conditions and long usage, then CPM S35VN is the best choice.

Unlike standard steels, S35VN can be shaped and sharpened with minimal effort. This makes it an excellent choice for tactical, rescue, and hunting knives. A fine grain structure and high hardness make it an excellent choice for cutting and chopping tasks.

The addition of niobium to the S35VN steel formula improves polishing and increases the steel’s strength. Niobium also enhances the chemistry of the steel, promoting a fine grain structure.

Another advantage to using S35VN is that it is easy to cut with. This makes it ideal for use in tough environments. Moreover, it requires little power to cut.

Another feature that sets S35VN apart from the other steels is its wear resistance. In fact, the chromium and vanadium content of S35VN increases its hardness and toughness.


The best steel for a folding knife is one that offers a great combination of edge retention and durability. Often, the best steel for a knife is the one that offers the most value for the dollar.

One of the best qualities of a good steel is its edge retention, which helps you keep your blade sharper for a longer period of time. This is especially important in extreme conditions, when corrosion resistance can save your life.

Another good feature of a good steel is its wear resistance. If your knife needs to take a beating, CPM D2 can withstand the worst. However, you should be careful with it. Make sure to wipe it dry and avoid water. Otherwise, it can rust, making it difficult to use.

While D2 is an excellent steel, it is not necessarily the best. A good alternative is the S30V alloy, which has better edge retention and corrosion resistance.

Benchmade Mini Adamas

When it comes to EDC knives, Benchmade is one of the most iconic names around. They’ve been in business for decades and they’ve made hundreds of different types of folding blades. With the recent success of their Freek and Mini Bugout models, their morale has taken a boost.

The Mini Adamas is a heavy duty, but also compact, tactical knife. It features a CPM-CruWear blade, a reversible deep carry clip and an AXIS lock. This ambidextrous model is ready for any task.

While the blade isn’t particularly big, the handle scales are well finished and provide enough grip to make the knife feel solid. Also, the handle jimping is generous to ensure a secure grip.

The handle is made from a G10 material, which is incredibly durable. The blade has an AXIS lock, a buttery smooth action and a safe opening and closing.

Overall, the Benchmade Mini Adamas is an outstanding tactical folder. Its stout build and rugged construction make it perfect for any situation.

LionSteel’s Cannonball

If you’re looking for a high-quality folding knife, the Kershaw Cannonball might be the perfect choice. This folding knife features an Assisted SpeedSafe(r) system, a full-sized assisted-opening blade, and a reversible stainless steel pocket clip. It also has a custom pivot cap. The handle is made from large, thick steel, with a tall, flat grind.

Other features include a blackwash finish, a drop point blade, and a custom backspacer. The blade is made of D2 tool steel, which offers a durable and sharp edge. There is a deep carry and the knife is lightweight.

Other LionSteel knives have a similar overbuilt construction. They are available with G-10 scales, darker woods, and even a carbon fiber composite. You can also get a plain satin finish and an integrated finger guard. Some of these LionSteel models have a bit more of an artsy vibe than the more avant garde ZT knives.

Another LionSteel option is the Jack. These knives are available in black G10, reddish Santos wood, and green canvas micarta. Each of these models is designed to be a good-looking alternative to traditional knives.

Ken Onion

Ken Onion is an innovative knifemaker whose work has revolutionized the industry. Born in 1963, he hails from Kaneohe, Hawaii, and invented the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism for Kershaw Knives - earning him a position as Premier Knife Designer with them.

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