Best Steel For Lockback Knives

Best Steel For Lockback Knives

When it comes to the best steel for Lockback knives, there are a few options you have to choose from. Each type of steel has its own pros and cons, and you should be careful about the ones you choose.


AUS-8 is a high-grade stainless steel made by a Japanese steel company. It is a tough, durable, and reliable steel that is preferred by many knife manufacturers. The tensile strength, harden-ability, and abrasion resistance are all important qualities for a knife, and this steel is a cut above the rest.

Another advantage to AUS-8 is its ability to hold an edge. Although it is not as tough as 154CM, it is still a durable material that can perform well. This means that the knife will stay sharp for a long time without needing sharpening.


Choosing a lockback knife requires an understanding of the best steel for the job. The best steel for the job should be one that provides excellent edge retention and isn’t too difficult to sharpen. It should also be durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

When it comes to the best steel for a lockback knife, the answer isn’t easy. There are a lot of options to choose from. Among these are ATS-34, AUS-6, VG-10, and M390. Several manufacturers use each of these.


CPM 4V is a high-quality, high-performance steel. This material is a bit more expensive than other materials, but its wear resistance, edge retention, and toughness make it an excellent choice for manufacturing tools. Its lower carbon content makes it more durable, but it also means that it is not as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel.

Crucible developed the patented CPM process to produce this metal, and the resulting product is extremely grindable. Its fine microstructure provides a balanced balance of strength, hardness, and toughness.

SAF 2507

SAF 2507 is a type of duplex stainless steel with a low rate of thermal expansion and high tensile strength. It is often used in a wide range of applications, including high temperature environments.

SAF 2507 is suitable for applications that involve sulfur and organic compounds. It has excellent corrosion resistance and workability, making it a great choice for many industrial and consumer applications. This alloy also has a good resistance to fatigue.

The chemical composition of SAF 2507 ensures that the microstructure of the alloy provides high-stress resistance. In addition, the material contains 4% molybdenum, 7% nickel, and other alloying elements.


Maxamet steel is a very hard alloy that is a blend of Tungsten, Carbon and Vanadium. These elements are mixed in a way that enhances the metal’s strength and durability. The combination makes it a good choice for a knife.

Maxamet is one of the hardest types of steel available. It is also one of the toughest, meaning that it is not brittle and retains its edge for a long time. This combination makes it ideal for anyone who wants a high-quality blade that is durable and will last a long time.


S30V is a stainless steel that is used in many custom and production knives. It is characterized by its excellent hardness and high wear resistance. This makes it a good choice for use in rugged conditions. However, it is not immune to rusting. Therefore, it is recommended that you wipe the blade after use.

S30V is made from a balanced composition that includes 4% vanadium, 14% chromium, and 2% molybdenum. The added vanadium promotes the formation of vanadium carbides that improve its toughness. Molybdenum also enhances its corrosion resistance.


If you’re searching for the best steel for a lockback knife, you’re likely to be looking for something that’s relatively hard but has good edge retention. In fact, there are a lot of different steels out there that can have the same characteristics. However, they all differ a little in their makeup. This is a critical factor.

There are three categories of steels. The first is stainless steel. A true stainless steel must contain at least 13% chromium. It’s also able to withstand corrosion and wear, which makes it ideal for knives.


If you are looking for a high end knife steel, Elmax is a good choice. It has all of the qualities of a carbon steel alloy. In addition, it is known for its excellent corrosion resistance.

The blades made with this material have a great balance of hardness and toughness. Moreover, they have a very fine carbide structure that ensures an edge that keeps its edge.

ELMAX is produced by the Swedish company Uddeholmsbolag. This metal is best suited for small fixed blade knives and folding knives.

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