How Long Can a Pocket Knife Be in New Jersey?

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If you live in New Jersey, then you know that you are prohibited from carrying a pocket knife. However, you might be wondering what exactly you are allowed to carry. It turns out that there are a number of different laws pertaining to pocket knives in New Jersey.

Folding knives

The state of New Jersey has specific laws regarding knives. These laws govern how you can carry and use these weapons, as well as who can legally own them.

While all potentially lethal knives are unlawful under all circumstances, a few are legal. This is largely dependent on the type of knife and the circumstances.

Knives are considered legal in New Jersey if they are used for a lawful purpose. If you are caught carrying a dangerous knife, you may face serious criminal charges.

If you are caught possessing a switchblade, you will likely be charged with a crime of the fourth degree. If you are found guilty of this charge, you could face up to 18 months in jail. In addition, you could also be fined up to $10,000.


New Jersey knife laws are designed to regulate the possession, use and sale of knives. There are several kinds of knives that are legal in the state, as well as many that are illegal. The types of knives that are legal and illegal vary depending on the type of knife and the circumstances surrounding its possession.

In New Jersey, it is illegal to carry dangerous knives outside of the home. This includes switchblades, ballistic knives, gravity knives, daggers and dirks.

Purchasing a knife or melee weapon is a misdemeanor. You may be fined up to $10,000. If you are found carrying a deadly weapon, you could face a charge of aggravated assault. A second-degree offense can lead to five to ten years in state prison.

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Lawful purpose for possession

Possession of a knife in New Jersey for an unlawful purpose is a third degree crime. Depending on the circumstances, a fine could range from $3,000 to $15,000.

A fourth-degree crime is more serious, and can lead to an 18 month prison sentence. It is also illegal to carry a weapon in public. You may be charged with possession of a knife if you are found in possession of a deadly weapon, or if you carry a knife specifically listed as a dangerous weapon.

Using a pocket knife in New Jersey is legal, but it is not necessarily safe. If you carry a knife in your home or on your person, you may be charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Buying knives in New Jersey is not illegal, but selling knives is. Unless you are a licensed collector or retailer, you can be charged with a fourth-degree crime. Selling a knife to a minor is also a fourth-degree crime.

Defenses to knife crimes

When you are arrested for a knife crime in New Jersey, it is important to know what defenses you can use to get your case thrown out. Having an attorney who can build a strong legal defense is crucial.

The law in New Jersey has a specific set of rules for knives. These laws are not as wide-ranging as other states. But they do provide the basics of the rights and wrongs of a knife in the state.

Generally speaking, a knife is not considered a weapon until it has been used to harm another person. This can be difficult to prove, especially if the weapon was illegal. However, there is a small gray area that arises when a knife is used to commit a crime.

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