How to Close a CRKT Provoke Folding Knife

How To Close A Crkt Provoke Folding Knife

If you’re looking to close a crkt karambit knife, there are a few things you should know. These tips will help you achieve the best results.


If you’re looking for a pocket knife to carry, there are a variety of options. In addition to the more common designs, some knifemakers try to invent new knives with crazy features.

One such offering is the CRKT Provoke. It’s a unique piece of hardware that takes the familiar karambit design and incorporates modern technological advances. Developed by Joe Caswell, the CRKT Provoke is a fun and innovative addition to the Springfield Armory line.

The CRKT Provoke features advanced kinematic technology for a fast and smooth blade deployment. With just one hand, the user can open and close the CRKT Provoke. This means it can be used in a variety of situations, including defensive utility and for fun manipulation in a closed position.

The CRKT Provoke also features a firm lock that sounds authoritative. Like a true American muscle car, the Provoke’s lock will make a sound that’s sure to catch you off guard.

what is the crkt karambit knife?

The CRKT Provoke is a folding karambit designed by Joe Caswell. This design is a take on the old world karambit, which was also used as a defensive weapon. With the karambit style blade, you have the flexibility to slash, lock, or block.

It features a low profile pocket clip that rests flush with the handle. It activates with a light thumb pressure.

The blade is made of D2 steel, which is durable and provides excellent edge retention. The black Ti nitride coating helps it stand up to heavy use.

The handle is made of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. It’s hard-anodized to protect against corrosion. There’s also a spring-loaded pocket clip for easy deployment.

When folded, the Provoke weighs 6.1 ounces. The weight makes it easy to carry.

As for the knife itself, the Provoke has a 2.41 inch blade. It also comes with a protective plastic sheath.

how to close a crkt karambit knife?

If you are interested in a new folding karambit knife, the CRKT Provoke may be the one for you. It’s a fun, futuristic design that can open and close with ease.

The Provoke has a blade made of premium D2 steel and is designed for strength and durability. Kinematic(r) technology ensures smooth operation, and a black Ti nitride coating offers a slick finish.

The Provoke’s innovative blade opening mechanism is a clever combination of a nudge forward motion, a sturdy lever, and a ring. When closed, the blade nestles securely alongside the handle. With light thumb pressure, the upper crossbar is nudged back, triggering the blade to deploy.

In addition to the Kinematic(r) mechanism, the Provoke features a low profile pocket clip that sits flush against the handle. This allows the user to carry the Provoke deep in a pocket.

tips to use a crkt karambit knife

When you open and close a CRKT Provoke, you will find that it is a little finicky. It does not deploy easily, but it is a lot of fun to use. You will feel like you are using a real American muscle car.

A folding karambit knife, such as the CRKT Provoke, is a great tool for self-defense. Its blade is built from premium D2 steel. This steel provides excellent edge retention, and the sharp blade will cut anything it can reach.

The CRKT Provoke is also designed for ease of carry. It features a low profile pocket clip that sits flush with the handle. This minimizes hot spots and increases the knife’s ergonomics.

In addition, the all-metal body adds weight and confidence to the CRKT Provoke. It is also very durable.


If you are looking for a unique, futuristic folding knife, you might want to consider the CRKT Provoke. It features a kinematic forward opening blade and a low-profile pocket clip.

The CRKT Provoke is a modern take on the karambit. It has a curved blade that cuts vines and crops. A karambit can be used for self-defense, and martial artists claim it can cut through tough armor like a whip.

In a violent situation, it’s difficult to grope for the opening mechanism. But the CRKT Provoke has a sturdy, knuckle-activating lock. That’s a good thing, since the CRKT Provoke’s blade is made of durable D2 steel.

Another advantage is the fact that the curved blade can be used to cut vines, rope, and other vegetation. Karambits have become popular in recent years, thanks to their exotic origins. They were once used by farmers for farm chores. Many martial artists also use karambits to slash and lock opponents.

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