How to Cut Jalapeno Rounds

Jalapenos are an easy and fun way to add a little kick to your favorite dishes. Getting the right amount of heat can be tricky, but learning how to cut them properly can make your job a breeze.

First, protect your hands by wearing gloves. Disposable powder-free latex gloves are the best option for cutting hot peppers.


Rounds are an easy and effective way to prepare jalapeno. They keep the seeds intact and are ideal for garnishing dishes or in recipes that dilute their heat.

They’re also a great option for spicing up nachos or fish tacos. However, thick slices can make a dish seem too spicy for the average eater, so choose your technique wisely!

To cut rounds, you’ll need a sharp knife and a cutting board. Be sure to wear protective gloves for this step.


Jalapenos are delicious additions to salads and stir-fry recipes. However, unless they are cut properly, they can be hard to work with.

To julienne jalapenos, start by removing the stems and seeds from the pepper halves. This will save you time in the kitchen.

Remove the skin from each of the halved jalapenos with gloved hands and slice them lengthwise into strips about 1/8-inch wide. (Note: If you are using gloves, it is best to place the strips skin side down on the cutting board for easier slicing.)

Next, line up the julienned strips so that they lie flush against one another and cut them crosswise into a uniform dice. This will yield a small dice that is the perfect size for adding to guacamole or pepper jelly.


The half-moon is a clever way to cut a jalapeno without sacrificing any of its juiciness. You can do this by slicing the pepper in two as you would a regular jalapeno, or by using a knife of the right blade length and angle to make an impressive semi-circle with the seeds intact.

Place the half-moon on a cutting board and start at one end, slicing down in small increments vertically and horizontally until you have a pile of fine strips. Repeat the process for each half of your jalapeno, and you’ll have a nice looking, albeit slightly charred pile of matchsticks on display.

The half-moon cut is the only way to get a jalapeno that’s actually worth eating. If you’re a fan of this spicy pepper, you should chat to your grocer about different cultivars bred for different purposes – some are high in heat while others are milder but more flavorful. For instance, red jalapenos are sweeter than their green counterparts.


Jalapenos are a hot pepper that can be used to add spicy flair to almost any dish. But it’s important to know how to properly cut them before using them, especially if you’re not familiar with the heat that comes from their capsaicin-rich oils.

To begin, remove the stem end of the jalapeno and slice it in half lengthwise. This will expose the membranes that hold the seeds in place, as well as the spicy ribs.

Next, use a spoon to scoop out the jalapeno’s seeds and the ribs that contain them. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of all of the jalapeno’s spicy heat, but it can be difficult for novices.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all of the seeds and ribs, you can cut your jalapeno into strips. These thin, delicate strips work well on a crudo or in a salad as they impart a sharp heat with subtle flavor. They’re also great as a garnish on ramen noodles or pastas.

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