How to Cut Strawberries For 7 Month Old

Strawberries are a delicious addition to your baby’s food options. However, they’re a choking hazard, so it’s important to cut them properly.

You can begin serving strawberries as a whole food around 6 months. They’re ideal for baby-led weaning (BLW), but it’s a good idea to talk to your pediatrician first.

Whole Strawberries

Strawberries are a great source of vitamins C, which helps to boost your baby’s immune system and protect against eye diseases. They’re also rich in calcium and phosphorus, which are vital for bone development.

They’re high in fiber, which helps keep your baby regular and supports digestion. They’re also water-rich, so they’ll help your baby stay hydrated.

These sweet, juicy berries are easy to chew on. They also offer your baby a flavor and texture experience that they’ll love, while helping them learn to eat!

You can serve whole strawberries when they’re large enough to get through their mouth, but you should cut them thinly or quarter them for baby-led weaning. This will reduce your baby’s risk of choking, but it’s important to supervise them closely while eating to make sure they don’t put the strawberry in their mouth smaller than they’re capable of swallowing.

Cut Strawberries

Strawberries are a sweet and nutrient-packed option for baby led weaning. They are also a natural source of fiber, which helps your baby’s digestive system get in tune with her new diet.

To safely introduce strawberries to your 7 month old, start with large whole berries that are ripe and soft enough to gnaw on and chew without fear of choking. If they’re too big for your child, you can mash them or slice them in small pieces.

If your child has a pincer grasp, you can cut strawberries into small cubes to encourage pick-up skills and minimize the risk of choking. You can also serve mashed fresh strawberries with bananas or other fruit, stirred into yogurt or oatmeal, or thickened with chia seeds.

It’s important to note that strawberries are part of the Rosaceae family and some people can develop Oral Allergy Syndrome after eating them, which is a mild itching or tingling in the mouth. To minimize this reaction, cook the berries first.

Puree Strawberries

Strawberries are a popular first food for babies at about 6 months, as they’re easily digested and packed with important nutrients for growing bodies. They’re a good source of vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

They’re also a good source of iron and folate. They’re low in sugar and calories, making them a healthy addition to baby’s diet.

You can serve strawberries whole or in a puree. It’s best to choose ripe, organic fruit that’s free of bruises and nicks.

If you’re serving strawberry puree, make sure to puree it in a blender or food processor until smooth. If you’re using cooked strawberries, add a little bit of water at a time to avoid your puree becoming too runny.

Mix Strawberries

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens a baby’s immunity and helps their body absorb iron from plant-based foods. They also contain fiber, folate and iodine to keep a baby strong and healthy.

In baby-led weaning, strawberries can be served as a puree for babies to feed themselves. Try blending them with bananas, apples or other fruits for a sweet and healthy smoothie. Or blend them with peanut butter and milk to make strawberry popsicles.

When offering strawberries, start with paper-thin slices to minimize the risk of choking. Continue offering sliced strawberries until your baby is ready to move up in size and begin serving large whole or quartered strawberries.

While strawberries aren’t a common allergen, they can cause oral allergy syndrome (OAS) if your baby has allergies to other foods in the same family, such as pears, cherries, peaches or apples. This cross-reactivity occurs when a protein found in berries is introduced to your baby’s system and causes an allergic reaction.

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