How to Make Black Knife Assassin Visible in Elden Ring

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If you’re in Elden Ring and want to make the Black Knife Assassin visible, you have a few options. The first is to use the Sentry’s Torch, which you can purchase from Hermit Merchant in Hermit Merchant’s Shack for 7,000 Runes.

This will negate the Assassin’s Concealing Veil, allowing you to see her where she’s hiding. Other strategies include dust clouds and water deformations.

1. Sentry’s Torch

The Sentry’s Torch is a unique weapon in Elden Ring that can reveal shrouded enemies. It’s available from the Hermit Merchant located north of Leyndell, Royal Capital. You can purchase it for 7,000 Runes.

Aside from being able to see invisible enemies, the Sentry’s Torch can also help you defeat them. It makes Shadow Assasins, Black Knife Assassin mini/field bosses, and other illusory creatures easier to deal with.

This item is especially helpful when fighting the Black Knife Assassin in Elden Ring. These enemies are difficult to see, and they attack in rapid succession.

However, you can easily defeat them with the right strategy. Firstly, you should equip a sword and shield to deal heavy damage with the dagger they use.

You can even use this sword and shield to block their slash attacks. A timely block can prevent them from slashing you instantly. Furthermore, a well-timed Parry can help you dish out the most damage and finish the fight quickly.

2. Lone Wolf Ashes

One of the earliest spirit ashes you can acquire in Elden Ring is the Lone Wolf Ashes. This artefact summons the spirits of three wolves, which are excellent at drawing attention from aggressive enemies.

These wolves have a lot of HP and can move quickly around their opponents, which makes them ideal as tank mates. They are also great for distracting bosses, leaving you time to breathe or heal.

To use Lone Wolf Ashes, players need to have the Spirit Calling Bell and be close to a Rebirth Monument on the world map. This monument will display a white icon on the left side of the screen, indicating that they are in the right location to summon a Spirit Ashes.

3. Dust Clouds

Dust Clouds are an interesting astronomical phenomena that have been studied for years. They are cosmic dust particles that form in the space between planetary bodies like the Earth and the Moon.

They can be detected by the GOES-R series weather satellites that use an instrument called the Advanced Baseline Imager, which uses multiple filters to get a better picture of the particles. This allows scientists to spot dust storms much earlier, allowing for better warnings and keeping people safe on the ground.

Having Dust Clouds around will help you make the black knife assassin visible, which will allow you to keep track of her movements during the fight. It will also help you evade her attacks and get out of her way when she hits you.

Another good strategy is to use a Carian Greatsword spell during the fight. This will keep the black knife assassin constantly dodge rolling so that very few hits actually land. This will also keep her from being able to attack and stagger for a critical hit.

4. Water Deformations

One of the most challenging bosses to defeat in Elden Ring is the black knife assassin. She uses a Concealing Veil which makes her invisible but luckily, you can negate the effect with a Sentry’s Torch and the dust clouds and water deformations mentioned in our previous guide.

If you’re fighting this assassin, it’s a good idea to stay alert and try and find the decoys she will be leaving behind as she moves around. This will give you an opportunity to spot the many shooting windows she leaves behind as she tries to slay you. Quick casts are especially important because they allow you to lock onto her and capitalize on any lunges or dashes she may be planning on performing as they happen.

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