How to Make Your Knife Invisible in Murder Mystery 2

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Murder Mystery 2 (abbreviated MM2) is a Roblox game that has a number of different maps and modes. Players are assigned to one of three roles – Innocents, Sheriffs or Murderers.

The Innocents must stay alive, while the Sheriff must catch and kill a player that is a Murderer before time runs out. There are several ways to do this, including hiding your knife and evading.


Dual-wielding is a fun and unique feature in mm2, and a great way to experiment with different weapons. It also makes it easy to create unique builds and look cool in battle.

However, dual-wielding is not a smart choice for all characters. It requires extreme coordination, skill and awareness, or you may get in your own way.

Moreover, it does not give you any advantage in fights as compared to a single blade weapon. It can also make you vulnerable when your opponent dodges or blocks.

To get the best out of your dual-wielded weapons you should always equip them with a Talisman that increases damage, attack speed and stamina consumption. Additionally, if you’re looking for a build that’s a little more dangerous try putting on some higher-tier Attack and Thunder Boosts.


The shadow knife is a very rare weapon in mm2. It’s a katana-shaped knife with a long, thin blade. It has a bright golden guard and a thin handle with mini golden rings. It has a vintage look to it and is originally from murder mystery 1. This is one of the smallest knives in the game, so it’s a good choice for beginners. It’s also one of the rarest knives in mm2, so it’s worth trading for if you’re trying to collect all the godly weapons.

The value of the shadow knife is 125 Robux and 3,000 coins, according to mm2 values. It can be obtained via the Ghostly Pack for 5000 Snow Tokens in the past, but is now only available for trade. Frostbite is worth 20 Seers and is currently only sold by trading or from the Frostbite Package for 1699 Robux. It’s a very powerful knife that can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

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