How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife Razor Sharp

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If you’re looking for a way to sharpen your pocket knife, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of different methods you can use, including handheld sharpeners, whetstones, and even the edge of your vehicle’s window. However, there is one method that is often overlooked and could help you achieve the best results.

Handheld knife sharpeners

Sharpening your pocket knife is very important. It can be done quickly and efficiently with the help of handheld sharpeners. They are very affordable and easily portable. You can purchase a quality one that will give you an edge every time.

In addition, the sharpener is usually slip-resistant to prevent injury. It can also be purchased with pre-programmed control guides for easy use.

However, before you can begin sharpening your blade, you need to determine its bevel. Bevels are small angles across the knife’s cutting edge. These can vary between 22 and 30 degrees. Some knives have a double bevel.

To sharpen a blade, you must have a clean and dry surface. There are also a number of types of sharpeners, including electric and manual. Choose the right sharpener based on your needs and preferences.

The most commonly used types of handheld sharpeners are those that have two or three slots. Typically, they come with a grip to hold the knife at the correct angle.


Using a sharpening stone can be a quick and easy way to get your pocket knife razor sharp. But it’s important to know the proper technique and techniques to ensure the best results.

Sharpening your knives takes time and practice. You must be sure to maintain the correct angle during the process, as the blade will wear away if you don’t. For a beginner, try to start with 15 degrees for each side. Once you master this technique, you can increase the degree as needed.

The most common method of sharpening a blade is the whetstone technique. This method involves alternating strokes that create a scratch pattern on the blade. Alternating means moving from the coarse side to the finer side of the stone. If you’re not sure which side to use, feel the tip of the stone.

When you start, you will need to hold the whetstone at the proper angle. You should angle the edge of the knife to the front of the stone. Do this with one hand while the other is applying moderate pressure to the tip of the knife.


Sharpening a pocket knife is not a simple task, especially if you are not familiar with the tools and methods involved. This guide breaks down the process into steps and provides expert tips. With a little practice, you can sharpen your pocket knife and keep its beauty and functionality.

The first step is to set the edge of your blade to the proper angle. A good rule of thumb is to hone the blade on the left side. To accomplish this, hold the edge of the knife at a 15 degree angle.

Now that the angle is set, flip the edge of the knife over so that the blade is facing the opposite way. This will remove any micro serrations from the edge of the blade.

Next, place the blade in the slot of the sharpening tool. Use a fine grit stone to stroke the edge of the blade into a fine hone. It is also recommended to wipe the edge down to prevent rust.

Using the edge of your vehicle’s window

If you have a pocket knife that you want to sharpen, you can use the edge of your vehicle’s window. This method is a great way to sharpen your blade, especially if you have no other sharpening tools. However, you should be careful if you decide to do this. You don’t want to accidentally snag the blade on the glass and harm yourself. Rather, you should slide the window along the blade 8 to 10 times to hone it.

For a more advanced technique, you can also sharpen your knife by using the edges of broken bottles. But be sure to break them cleanly. Also, don’t smash them, because that could damage the edges. To avoid this, you can soak them in acetone for a few minutes and then let them dry. Then, you can place them in cold water and sharpen them.

Another great way to sharpen your knives is by stropping them on a leather, canvas or cardboard. This method will help remove a wire edge from the stones and leave the blade smooth and razor sharp.

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